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DC Federal Human Trafficking Penalties

DC federal human trafficking penalties include imprisonment, expensive fines, and other long-term consequences. If you have been charged with this serious crime, then you may want to obtain the services of an accomplished federal human trafficking defense attorney. A lawyer could fight for you and help you avoid the ramifications of a federal human trafficking charge. Call today to get started on your defense strategy.

Consequences of a Human Trafficking Charge

As mentioned above, DC federal human trafficking penalties include prison time and fines. If an individual is convicted of commercial sex trafficking charges, then they could be facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years imprisonment. Forced labor and sex trafficking of children charges carry a prison sentence of up to 20 years and thousands of dollars in fines. For more information about the penalties a defendant may face, consult with a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer.

Federal Human Trafficking Sentencing

Sentencing at the federal level for a human trafficking conviction is greatly influenced by the United States Sentencing Guidelines, which were mandatory up until 2004. Under the guidelines, a complex calculation is conducted. This includes searching through the defendant’s criminal history, the nature of the offense, and the various enhancements and/or mitigating factors. However, because the Supreme Court ruled that the guidelines were unconstitutional, the guidelines are now advisories.

Still, the potential statutory penalties for human trafficking charges are severe. The guideline ranges are very high and a judge could go above or below them, depending on the particular circumstances of the case. For example, if someone plays a small role in a human trafficking conspiracy, a judge could sentence the individual to a lower penalty.

Aggravating Factors That Could Impact Sentencing

There are many aggravating factors that can impact a defendant’s sentencing. The factors that will be considered include:

  • Number of people involved
  • Amount of money involved
  • Whether physical violence or a weapon was used

Therefore, if a defendant was charged with trafficking several people, used physical violence, and a lot of money was involved in the crime, then they could be facing very harsh penalties. For more information about aggravating factors and how they could impact DC federal human trafficking penalties, contact an experienced attorney.

Mitigating Factors in a Human Trafficking Case

There could also be mitigating factors in a human trafficking case which could impact the sentencing. This could include the age of the defendant and how they got involved in human trafficking. For instance, if they were coerced into it. Also, the role the individual had in the crime and the amount that they profited personally could be a mitigating factor.

Call a Lawyer to Fight DC Federal Human Trafficking Penalties

A dedicated attorney could help you if you are facing DC federal human trafficking penalties. These penalties are severe, therefore, it is not advised for a defendant to try to fight them alone. Instead, reach out to a lawyer who is experienced building a strong defense for those charged with human trafficking. Call today and get started on your defense.

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