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DC Federal Human Trafficking Case Process

Federal human trafficking allegations can be shocking. An individual facing these charges could be faced with serious penalties and other long-term ramifications. If you have been charged with human trafficking, reach out to an attorney experienced in the DC federal human trafficking case process. A skilled human trafficking defense lawyer could fight for you and advocate on your behalf throughout the case. The sooner you call an attorney, the sooner they could begin building the strong defense that you need.

When One Can Call a Lawyer After an Arrest

After an individual is arrested for human trafficking, they can usually make a phone call to an attorney within a few hours of their arrest. Once the person is processed, they are typically taken to a holding facility where there are phones available. Sometimes in these cases, the arrested person is given the opportunity to make a phone call by the arresting agents.

Talk to a Lawyer Before Speaking With Authorities

It is important to talk to an accomplished defense lawyer before speaking to authorities for several reasons. It is never a good idea to speak to law enforcement agents without having an attorney present. Without a lawyer, the defendant could risk the possibility of making incriminating statements while under extreme stress. It is important to understand that a defendant will not be able to talk there way out of an arrest, therefore, it does not make sense to make any statements to the authorities.

During an arrest, the individual’s only weapon is silence. They should always be quiet and polite to the authorities. In this situation, the best thing to do is remain silent and let a lawyer do the talking.

Arraignment for Human Trafficking Cases

An arraignment is an important part of the DC federal human trafficking case process. During an arraignment for human trafficking, there is usually not a bond decision. In federal court, a determination will typically be made by a magistrate judge as to whether the defendant is a flight risk or if they are too dangerous to be in the community. If a judicial officer such a magistrate decides that a person is not a flight risk and that they are safe enough to be in the community, conditions of release will be set. This will not be a money bond situation.

The likelihood of someone being released depends on a variety of factors such as the individual’s personal history, prior criminal convictions, the specific nature of the allegations, and the stability of the person. For instance, considerations will include whether the defendant has a home, family, friends in the area, and if they are a citizen.

How a Lawyer Could Help With the DC Federal Human Trafficking Case Process

There are several ways that a lawyer could help a defendant with the DC federal human trafficking case process. As soon as an attorney is hired, they investigate and find sources of stability. They will get letters from family members, friends, and employers. The lawyer could also establish property ownership and ties to the community, which would be necessary to convince the judge that the individual is not a flight risk.

If you are facing human trafficking charges, contact a lawyer knowledgeable about the DC federal human trafficking case process as soon as possible. Let an experienced legal professional fight for you.

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