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DC Federal Human Trafficking Investigations

Human trafficking charges can be extremely serious. Hiring a talented federal criminal defense attorney before a potential DC federal human trafficking investigation may make a difference in the outcome of your case. A lawyer could help protect your rights during an investigation process, and potentially help you if you are arrested.

Investigation Process

Human trafficking crimes are investigated primarily by law enforcement agents conducting interviews. They will gather records to corroborate or debunk the claim. Sometimes, the provision of records offered to some agents brings the investigation to a stop when it becomes clear the claim was false.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) handle human trafficking investigations. To a lesser extent, Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) theoretically could handle human trafficking investigations, but that is not typical.

Investigations are common prior to making arrests in human trafficking cases. In these types of cases, arrests are usually the last step. There may be supplemental investigations after an arrest, but the arrest is usually made after a long-term investigation is completed.

An arrest would usually be the last step once an investigation is complete. However, sometimes other situations come into play. If the government believes the suspect is ready to flee or there is a danger to witnesses they could accelerate the time when an arrest is made.

Evidence Investigators and Attorneys Seek

Several types of evidence are sought after in a human trafficking case, including eyewitness testimony. Information that corroborates the eyewitness testimony is also key because it is important to bolster the credibility of the people making these claims.

There are serious consequences for the people who become the target of the investigations. Therefore, it is important that the claims are corroborated. Witness interviews, reviews of phone records, businesses records, and bank records could all provide critical evidence.

What to Know When Being Arrested for Human Trafficking

Someone should know that an arrest by federal agents could come by surprise. If that happens, the main thing to do is be quiet and polite in order to prevent any other consequences. When a person does not cooperate, the potential for physical damage may escalate.

Also, if an arrest warrant is issued for an individual, there is no way for them to talk their way out of it. The agents serving the warrant and making the arrest have no discretion to not arrest the person. If agents arrest someone, it is their job and it is important to be quiet and allow them to execute their job.

Within 24 hours of the arrest, there is an initial hearing. While the conditions may be uncomfortable, they should remember that an attorney could work on their behalf if they made arrangements beforehand.

Booking Process

When a person is arrested by federal agents, the booking process begins when the arrest is made and they are taken to the FBI or an FBI field office. They are booked at the FBI office and taken to the closest federal court for an initial hearing depending on whether the government asks for detention. If they are not asking for detention, the person is processed and released that day.

If the government requests detention, the individual could be held for three business days. There is then a detention hearing at which time a decision is made by a magistrate and they could be released, pending trial.

Hire a DC Attorney to Help You Resolve Your Human Trafficking Investigation

If you are being investigated, and there is a chance an arrest warrant or subpoena will be served, you should contact a lawyer immediately. Only if you engage an attorney beforehand could you be protected during a DC federal human trafficking investigation. A lawyer can represent you and potentially ensure that your rights are protected during the investigation process, so call a skilled local attorney today for a consultation on your case.

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