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If you or a loved one are facing serious charges on a college or university campus, it’s important to remember that these cases are often very different than normal criminal investigations and court appearances. En Español.

Contact a DC student defense lawyer at our firm if you are looking for information and guidance that can help you to mitigate the potentially serious damage that these charges can cause. A DC criminal defense attorney can look at the facts surrounding your case and help build you the strongest defense possible.

Types of Cases We Handle

There are a number of different charges that can arise for students at a university or on a college campus. Some cases are purely internal and only involve allegations of a violation of the student code at the school, whereas other allegations may involve a criminal arrest. In addition, some student defense matters involve administrative student disciplinary hearings on matters that may be the subject of a criminal investigation in the future.

For instance, students facing DUI charges may also be subject to disciplinary proceedings at their school, and a student defense attorney can help navigate both of those areas. Allegations of sexual assault, however, may begin as a school disciplinary matter and then become a criminal case.

Cases our student defense attorneys handle include:

Working With a Criminal Defense Attorney

Cases involving student disciplinary hearings really require a lot of preparation between the lawyer and the student-client because sometimes the student has to ask the questions that need to be asked in an internal hearing or other proceedings.

It can be very tricky to litigate these cases because the attorney and the student have to be cognizant that a case may be brought in regular criminal court as well, either after the student hearing process is done or while the student hearing procedure is going on.

The two proceedings are on a parallel track and you have to be very careful to ensure the student’s constitutional rights are protected in a possible criminal proceeding while at the same time litigating the student hearing.

Legal Representation in Student Disciplinary Hearings

A DC student defense lawyer can help mitigate the consequences of allegations on campus, even when an attorney is not permitted to be part of the disciplinary process. In these situations, one of our experienced attorneys can sit right outside the door, and speak with the client outside the room after every question to talk about what the next question he or she should ask.

This is just one of the ways that legal representation can help to prevent students from being steamrolled by the licensed lawyer who is at the hearing as their opponent.

Our Approach to Student Defense Cases

When we take on student clients, we take their case very seriously. We have a team of investigators to investigate each case as thoroughly as possible. We also prepare the client with the understanding of the limitations of the student judicial system and try to push the procedural boundaries of that system. This is because the closer we can make it to a regular criminal case, the better off the student is.

Our goal in these cases is to protect the student as much as possible from criminal prosecution in a criminal court, and to get them the best result possible in the student judicial process.

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Considering the many negative repercussions that can occur when an individual is up against serious charges or disciplinary hearings on campus, it pays to be proactive and to seek out a legal advocate. Call us today to learn how a DC student defense attorney can help you to mount an effective defense in your case.

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