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DC Federal Arrests

Federal arrests are usually executed by federal agents which means either the FBI, U.S. Marshals or IRS criminal agents are typically involved. Federal arrests can take place at night or in the morning. Typically these arrests will take place in the early morning or at the end of the night, where there is a knock on the door and the agents will come in and execute the arrest warrant. When this happens, it is imperative that those arrested consult with a DC Federal criminal lawyer as soon as possible before talking to authorities. An attorney will be able to advise the defendant on their rights while in custody and help them refrain from saying anything that may hurt them later at trial.

Federal vs. State Arrests

It’s different from an arrest involving state and local authorities because the federal government usually builds their case prior to making any arrest. This is different from a state level case where the state is responsible for matters where arrests are made when someone is injured or property is damaged or stolen. If law enforcement authorities know a crime happened or is in progress, arrest is usually on the spot.

With the federal government, much of the investigation goes into determining whether or not a crime actually occurred. The investigation includes examining financial records, emails, and phone records. It is not as obvious that a crime occurred when someone is accused of committing fraud, embezzlement, or tax evasion. There is a much more work in the background to bring such charges against somebody.

Does a Person Typically Have a Chance to Surrender Before Being Arrested?

This depends on the particular facts of the case. In some circumstances, a person may be allowed to surrender himself. In other circumstances, they won’t. But if an attorney is engaged early in the case during the course of the investigation, it’s possible to make arrangements to have someone turn themselves in to avoid the disruption and chaos that comes with executing an arrest warrant. Voluntary surrender can help in making the argument that a person is not a flight risk and should therefore be released following the arrest.

When An Arrest Takes Place

A person can be arrested by either federal agents, such as the FBI, or by state level or local authorities and still be charged with a federal crime. It doesn’t matter who makes the arrest because the offense can sometimes be charged under both systems. Many states have laws similar to federal laws in areas such as drug crimes, money laundering, and things of that nature. In those cases, if a person is arrested by state authorities, they are not free and clear of federal offenses filed later.

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