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DC Federal Child Enticement Lawyer

If you are being investigated for child enticement the following is information on the role an experienced federal child enticement lawyer in this kind of case. A skilled federal child enticement attorney in DC can help your case. If you are facing child pornography charges, you need to build a strong defense as soon as possible.

Dealing with Law Enforcement and Investigations

A DC federal child enticement lawyer can first help by interacting with law enforcement and finding out what exactly is taking place. For example, if there is a subpoena, a defense attorney can help the defendant comply with it.

Another way a child enticement defense attorney can help is by shielding a person from unwanted intrusions by law enforcement officers. This can includes filing to quash a subpoena, which is essentially saying that there was no valid basis for this subpoena and then that person will have to go to court and have a hearing about. This happens fairly often, as someone can use a variety of reasons including that the subpoena is too broad, that it is asking for too much information, or that it is asking for irrelevant information. An experienced DC federal enticement lawyer can help their client with all this.

Additionally, if law enforcement is trying to interview family members in an attempt to get information about them, they can help those family members how to get their own lawyers. They may have a potential exposure that they are not even aware of that they need to consult with their own attorneys and someone’s lawyer can help those family members find lawyers. Those are just a few other ways a federal child enticement lawyer in DC can help.

Building a Defense

In every case, a child enticement attorney will do their own investigation and have their own investigators look at any sort of electronic evidence, whether it be chat, text messages, phone records, or anything else, and dissect it. If there are other pieces of information or other witnesses that would be relevant then an attorney will likely interview them as well.

For example, in certain child enticement contexts, there are undercover officers preying upon people who are addicted to certain drugs. They shape conversations in a way that basically emphasizes the person getting access to a drug to which they are addicted and then they insert into the conversation talk about sex with a minor. So what an attorney would do is gather information about the person’s addiction whether it is their witnesses, documentation of rehabilitation efforts, things like that to show that the person is actually an addict and that they were not really attempting to have take advantage of a child.

Accessing Evidence

In federal cases, the government is governed by discovery rule 16, which governs discovering federal cases and requires that the government give over pretty much all the evidence that they have such as all the electronic evidence that they have. Also, they have to give notice if they are going to potentially use any experts or any other sort of documents that they are using, although they do not have to give over any witness names. Rule 16 does not provide for that but there are a host of things that they do have to give over in pursuant to the rule. If they do not comply, then the attorney will engage in litigation to make them comply.

Contacting an Attorney

If you have questions about the charges you face or about attorney’s experience with child enticement cases, contact a skilled DC federal child enticement lawyer. It is important to seek legal counsel even in cases where you believe you are being investigated but have not yet been indicted.

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