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DC Coercion Lawyer

Coercion is the act of persuading or convincing a person to do something using force or another unethical way. Coercion violates an individual’s free will and is a criminal offense that carries significant penalties. These penalties can include jail time, expensive fines, and other ramifications that can severely impact a person’s life. If you have been charged with committing a coercion crime, you may want to seek the services of a seasoned criminal defense attorney. A DC coercion lawyer could fight for you throughout the case to ensure that you are getting the representation that you need.

Coercion in Sex Trafficking Cases

A coercion offense is commonly associated with sex and human trafficking cases. To have coercion in a sex trafficking situation, there does not have to be physical abuse. Instead, they could threaten the other person or their family. There could be an economic threat, which is when a person is cut off from their family, their passport is taken, and any money they make is strictly controlled or confiscated. When a person is coerced into a sex trafficking situation, all means of choice are taken away. To learn more about coercion’s role in a sex trafficking case, consult with a knowledgeable DC coercion lawyer.

Coercion in Labor Trafficking Cases

Similar to coercion in sex trafficking cases, coercion in labor trafficking can include physical or economic threats and assault. However, most of the time, labor trafficking cases often involve groups of people who are put under economic pressure. It is common to see in these situations where people are provided with money or equipment and then are told they must work in order to pay off their debt.

Immigration Law

Due to the strict immigration laws and immigration law enforcement in the United States, people who come here illegally are afraid to go to law enforcement to complain about threats made against them from those engaging in human trafficking. These individuals are often afraid of law enforcement personnel because of the laws that might be enforced against them if they come forward to report the crimes being committed.

It is important to understand that domestic trafficking and international trafficking cases are handled the same in court. The only difference between the two is that the evidence might be slightly different because there may be witnesses or information that comes from overseas in an international trafficking case.

Human Tracking Conviction Consequences

Coercion is a serious crime in which prosecutors work tirelessly to convict defendants in these cases. This is due to coercion typically being associated with human trafficking and other serious crimes. Someone convicted of this type of crime is most likely going to be sentenced to prison for a significant amount of time, especially if sexual abuse is involved. In addition, the defendant may be required to pay fines and register as a sex offender.

Benefits of Hiring a DC Coercion Attorney

If you are facing coercion accusations, reach out to an experienced defense attorney today. A DC coercion lawyer could advocate on your behalf throughout the case while looking out for your best interests. Call today and get started on your defense.

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