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DC Student Cybercrimes Lawyer

A cybercrime falls under a variety of statutes in DC. A cybercrime charge includes the unlawful use or misuse of a computer. These charges could arise on college campuses if there is an allegation of hacking and it could be traced to a college campus. Also, one of the other common cybercrime charges is the allegation of possession of child pornography. These allegations are treated very seriously and potentially carry years of prison time.

An accomplished DC student cybercrimes lawyer could fight for you if you are facing charges. Get in touch with a dedicated student defense attorney today to get started with your defense.

What if the Student Was Unaware of the School’s Internet Policies?

If a student was unaware of the details of those school’s internet policies or the consequences for violating them and is accused of violating a student code of conduct, there may be a potential defense that the student was not aware of a particular provision of the student code. However, it depends on what the alleged violation is. If the alleged violation is hacking into someone else’s email and stealing something, then a lack of knowledge of the specific provision of the student handbook is not going to constitute as a defense. Typically, the student code of conduct is not particularly intricate. It is more likely than not that a defense that they did not know it was against the student code of conduct to do it is not going to fly. For help with building a strong defense, seek the services of a student cybercrimes lawyer in DC.

Unique Aspects of Cybercrime Cases

What makes cybercrime cases unique from other on-campus investigations is that university police are not usually investigating cybercrime. Often, it is going to be regular law enforcement that brings to light allegations of cybercrime unless it is an allegation of, for example, cheating on an exam based on someone hacking into a computer and getting the answers to a test. Otherwise, it is going to be local law enforcement or federal law enforcement doing an investigation of allegations of cybercrimes and tracing the alleged source of that to someone on campus.

The members of the campus community responsible for finding evidence in cybercrime cases will be university police since university police do cybercrimes investigation. More likely, if there is going to be an allegation of cybercrime, it is going to be related to federal law enforcement. To some extent, local law enforcement are involved in cybercrime investigations. Usually, what law enforcement is looking for, depending on the allegation, is tracing an IP address. They never get an internet protocol address and try to determine the source of the particular prohibited activity.

How a DC Student Cybercrimes Attorney Could Help

A student defense attorney familiar with the cybercrimes landscape could help those accused of misconduct online. If a student defense attorney is dealing with an allegation of a cybercrime, the school disciplinary system is going to be the least of the student and the student attorney’s worry because these cases are much more likely to end up in federal criminal court. Suspension or expulsion from school are the least of the problems that student is facing with that type of investigation.

A DC student cybercrimes lawyer will be able to help to investigate the allegations from a defense perspective, find witnesses who are potentially defense witnesses, analyze forensically any of the devices or data that are allegedly involved, help present a case for mitigation or help to mitigate potential sanctions against the student out of the school administrative stage, and work to try and prevent criminal charges. If criminal charges are brought, the attorney will help to represent the student to get the best possible outcome.

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