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DC Speeding Ticket for Out of State Drivers

If an out-of-state driver does not contest a DC speeding ticket or pay the fine within 30 days, the fine amount doubles. Additionally, if the double fine amount is not paid within 60 days, the DC DMV automatically finds the individual guilty of the charge and assesses points to that individual’s driving record. Once a certain number of points are accrued on an individual’s record, that individual will have their license suspended or be in danger of losing it altogether.  Due to this fact, it is important that those who have received speeding tickets in Washington, DC while residing out of state contact a DC speeding ticket lawyer to assist in dealing with the ticket and mitigating these penalties.

Communication Between State DMVs

The DC DMV and other motor vehicle administrations in different jurisdictions communicate with each other; however, each state is different as to how it handles reciprocity.

For instance, a person may be at risk of having their out-of-state license suspended if they attempt to renew their license because that may bring their DC violation and its associated points to the attention of the person’s state’s DMV.

Building a Defense

Depending on the circumstances of an individual’s specific case, they can bring just about anything to the hearing as evidence to support their defense. Additionally, there is the possibility that an officer will not appear because they lost their notes or realize after reviewing their notes, that the vehicle may not have been the one caught on the radar or LIDAR equipment.

Not Understanding DC Traffic Laws

Being unaware of DC’s traffic laws is not a valid defense to a traffic ticket. Before any individual can obtain their license, he or she must learn the universal traffic laws and is expected to remember such laws.

The lack of knowledge of a traffic law works as a defense only when an individual did not have an important piece of information when the DC traffic law was violated, for example, if the individual failed to stop at a stop sign because the sign was obscured.

Value of a Local DC Attorney

A lawyer is able to schedule a hearing at the DMV to contest an out of state driver’s speeding ticket and often appear on an individual’s behalf. The attorney can then determine the method the officer used to calculate your speed and create defenses for that specific method. This may lead to the penalties associated with the speeding ticket being reduced or the ticket dismissed entirely.

A lawyer can go to the DMV and appear on an individual’s behalf at the administrative hearing. The attorney can waive the person’s appearance.

There is no advantage to an individual appearing at the hearing because the attorney can provide the hearing examiner with their documentation and evidence, and make arguments on their behalf.

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