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Role of a DC Federal Child Pornography Lawyer

Being charged with a criminal offense of any kind might be a stressful and overwhelming experience. The idea of facing imprisonment and fines, as well as a criminal record may leave you feeling unsure of how to proceed but also pressured to act quickly.

If you are facing a crime of possessing, viewing, or distributing child pornography, it might benefit you to understand the role of a DC federal child pornography lawyer. You should not have to navigate the legal system alone, nor should you have to build a defense by yourself. By working with an experienced federal child pornography attorney, you could rest assured knowing a skilled legal professional is by your side through each step of the legal proceedings.

What are the Roles of a DC Attorney in Federal Child Pornography Cases?

There are several roles that a DC federal child pornography lawyer has after a defendant is arrested. Generally, an attorney acts a buffer between the defendant, the prosecution, and law enforcement agents.

Usually, for cases regarding allegations of child pornography, a legal professional monitors the government’s investigation into the defendant’s electronic devices. They might also seek the input of an expert to conduct a separate investigation of those same devices.

This process might, for example, lead to the discovery of a discrepancy in the information given by the government. Naturally, any inconsistency might help to support a defendant’s case.

How Do Investigations Lead By Defense Attorneys Work?

Alongside the investigation led by law enforcement agents, a criminal lawyer will often conduct their own investigation regarding child pornography allegations. During this investigation, they try and determine whether any electronic evidence contradicts the government’s version of the events regarding if or when a defendant viewed or downloaded illicit sexual material involving children.

Furthermore, a defense attorney might talk to witnesses who may provide evidence that someone else accessed or downloaded the pornography on a defendant’s computer. Additionally, the role of a DC federal child pornography lawyer is to look for mitigating evidence.

This might include making a determination about the number of original images —if any — when the sexually illicit images discovered, as opposed to the number of copies. Often, when an image is downloaded, multiple copies are made automatically by an electronic device, which makes the quantity appear greater than it might actually be.

Lawyers Have Access to the Evidence the Government Will Introduce in Court

Under Rule 16 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, the government must provide an attorney with the information it will seek to introduce for use at trial. For example, there is usually an extraction report that is created after electronic devices are analyzed.

This report should provide a representation of everything found on a particular device. During the course of discovery in a criminal case, a defense attorney receives an extraction report, police reports, and forensic reports which have analyzed the electronic devices examined during the course of the investigation.

From this, an analysis might be led by an attorney regarding searches conducted on a specific computer, as well as the types of files and file structures where images of child pornography were alleged to be found. This information might help an attorney to explain the charges to a defendant, as well as to try and find any inconsistencies posed by the prosecutor regarding the electronic information.

Mistakes to Avoid When Being Investigated in DC For Child Pornography

A mistake that many people facing criminal allegations make is trying to talk their way out of an investigation. Instead, it is often in the defendant’s best interest to not make any statements that may exonerate them as a search warrant is being executed.

No matter the intent, any statement could be detrimental to a person’s chances for a defense. Instead, it is advisable for any individual facing allegations of child pornography to contact a seasoned attorney to help with each step of the legal process.

How The Role of a DC Federal Child Pornography Attorney Could Help

Handling a criminal allegation alone is often a serious mistake for anyone facing a charge. If you were accused of possessing, viewing, or distributing illicit sexual material involving minors, it could prove essential for you to understand the role of a DC federal child pornography lawyer.

Instead of acting hastily and making a mistake following a criminal accusation, you might consider reaching out to a well-versed attorney about your legal options. For more information, call today.

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