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DC Driving Without Insurance Lawyer

Any individual who drives in DC must have liability and uninsured motorist coverage according to DC law. If someone is accused of breaking this law and is believed to be driving without insurance then they will likely face both a license suspension and a hefty fine and should consult with a DC driving without insurance lawyer as soon as possible.

A traffic lawyer in DC will be able to protect an individual’s DC driving privileges and work towards helping them receive the minimum penalties associated with this charge.

Consequences of Driving Without Insurance

If a person is pulled over by a police officer, involved in a car accident, or are registering or renewing a registration with the DMV, they will be required to show proof of vehicle insurance. If any of these instances occur and there is no proof of insurance present, the officer or the DMV will be put on notice that a person does not have valid car insurance and that individual will be charged with this offense.

Penalties for driving without insurance include a fine of up $150 for a lack of insurance between one to 30 days, and an additional $7.00 fine for each additional 30 days that someone does not have valid car insurance.

The maximum fine that someone may receive is $2,500. An individual may also face the suspension of their registration tag. However, drivers may have the possibility of arranging a six-month payment plan with the DMV to pay off the fines once they have current insurance.

Long Term Consequences

A person’s driving record is one of the factors that DC insurance companies base their rates on. If someone has a driving without insurance conviction in DC on their record, this may force the insurance companies to charge high rates, require someone to purchase high risk insurance (also known as SR-22 insurance), or refuse to cover them at all.

With that said, if someone’s insurance company is willing to negotiate with their driving without insurance lawyer in DC and they proactively complete an approved DC driving course, they may be able to mitigate some of the damage.

Qualities of a DC Driving Without Insurance Lawyer

A DC driving without insurance attorney should be familiar with the DC driving laws, as well as all of the requirements needed to obtain DC insurance. A lawyer should also have knowledge of the penalties associated with the driving without insurance conviction and experience dealing with these issues. Due to the potential impact that these charges can have, an experienced attorney should also know what steps may be taken to mitigate or lessen the damage. To discuss your case and how an attorney can help call and schedule a consultation today.

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