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DC Driving Without a Registration Lawyer

In order to drive a car in DC with no penalties, an individual must first properly register it with the DMV. In order to be properly registered, an individual must complete a vehicle safety and emissions inspection, and a registration process that involves making sure there are no outstanding fines such as tickets, child support payments, or other debts. If the the individual is not able to properly register and is caught driving anyway, they may be charged with a criminal offense and sentenced to fines, a suspended license, and potentially jail time in certain cases involving fraudulent identification.

If this takes place, an individual should hire a DC driving without a registration lawyer to try and avoid the steep consequences of this offense. There are possible defenses that a traffic lawyer in DC may be able to argue to ensure that an individual’s rights and interests are protected. To learn more, call and schedule a consultation today.

What are the Penalties For Driving Without a Registration?

Penalties for driving without registration include a fine of $100.00 for a lapse in registration between one to 30 days. There is an additional $200.00 fine for each additional 30 days that a person does not have valid registration, and an individual’s car may also be impounded.

The maximum fine that a person is able to receive is $2,400.00. Additionally, an individual may face a $1,000.00 fine and imprisonment of up to 30 days if found guilty of more serious charges related to car registration—including using fraudulent registration or providing false information to obtain registration.

What if Someone Just Forgets Their Registration?

An individual should always make sure to have their vehicle registration available, because one may face a fine for failure to exhibit the registration if pulled over. Additionally, while it may be more convenient, if one tries to show a police officer the registration information on a phone, the officer will not accept it as proof unless an individual has a physical paper copy. When this is the case a driving without a registration lawyer in DC may also be of assistance by guiding you through the legal system and helping you avoid the most serious penalties.

Related Charges

Other common charges a person may face along with driving without registration are failure to exhibit registration or failure to provide proof of registration if a person does not have a paper document in the car when pulled over by a police officer.

Speaking With An Attorney

When speaking with a DC driving without registration lawyer, a person should have available any documentation received from the DMV regarding the renewal of the registration, proof of DC car insurance, proof of ownership of the car, such as a title, a DC driver’s license, any previous vehicle registration, and proof of the most recent vehicle inspection.

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