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Building a DC Federal Embezzlement Defense

When building a DC federal embezzlement defense, an accused person must understand how authorities prosecute and investigate a criminal case. It may be in defendant’s best interest to speak to a DC Federal embezzlement lawyer for advice. A criminal defense attorney could champion your case and protect you from potential legal ramifications.

Law Enforcement Investigations

The specific law enforcement agencies that could be involved in a federal embezzlement case are determined by the facts of the case and what areas are involved. A healthcare fraud case for embezzlement could involve the FBI or federal health and human services agencies. If the embezzlement involves a school program, the Office of the Inspector General in charge of the program or the FBI might be involved.

These government agencies aggressively investigate embezzlement cases. They may issue a subpoena or use search warrants to gather documents, text messages, and records of phone calls. Confidential informants might use recording devices. Cooperating witnesses could be used by law enforcement agencies.

When Does the Government Need a Warrant?

The government might seek a search warrant to gain access to a person’s home or business since there may be records or objects within that home or business that could be used against the defendant. The law enforcement agency seeking the warrant must draw up an affidavit to demonstrate that there is probable cause that a crime was committed and the place to be searched could yield evidence of that crime. The affidavit must be signed by a judge.

When building a defense case for alleged DC federal embezzlement crimes, attorneys could examine the validity of the warrant and any evidence the authorities collected using the subpoena.

What Defense Strategies May Be Used in an Embezzlement Case?

The type of defense a federal embezzlement lawyer might employ in an embezzlement case depends on the facts and circumstances of the specific case. A variety of defenses could arise. When the intent is in question, the attorney could point out that the person did not intend to misappropriate funds because they did not know it was illegal. The attorney could also argue the person accused of embezzlement did not engage in the act of the embezzlement and the government did not get the right person.

There might also be questions of loss amount. The government may allege that a certain amount of money was taken or certain benefits were misappropriated. The defense might be that the amount of money is incorrect or that it was appropriate for the person to take the asset. This defense may arise in healthcare cases.

Evidence Necessary to Compile a Defense

Unlike law enforcement, the defense in an embezzlement case does not need to present evidence of its own. The legal system is designed in a way that puts no burden on the defense to prove anything to provide a defense. When a defense is put forward, there may be various types of evidence that are included. In the healthcare context, evidence could be based on data program documents involved in the allegations. There could be emails, bank records, and witness testimonies. A federal embezzlement lawyer could help gather evidence when building a DC defense case.

How a DC Federal Criminal Lawyer Could Help

When a person becomes aware they are the target of an investigation, they should immediately contact an attorney. A defendant may learn they are under investigation if another individual says something or the defendant is notified that a subpoena was issued for their email or records.

It is important to avoid speaking to a member of law enforcement or an investigating agent without consulting with a lawyer. Federal embezzlement may not be a charge one could talk their way out of without the help of an experienced lawyer.

Experienced legal counsel is familiar with the investigative tactics of law enforcement agents and the prosecutors who deal with these cases. Reach out to a lawyer for help building a DC federal embezzlement defense.

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