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Hiring An Attorney For DC DWI Charges

Although it still involves alcohol (or drugs) and operating a motor vehicle, DWI charges are slightly different from other DUI charges and therefore warrant attention from an attorney with local experience in these types of cases. Below, are some of the things you need to know regarding building a defense, and why hiring a DC DWI lawyer with experience is important. To begin discussing your case, call and schedule a consultation today.

Factors To Look For in DC DWI Cases

When facing DWI charges that are a few things that need to be looked at immediately, beginning with whether or not the defendant has had any prior interactions with the criminal system, and whether the client has a prior DUI or DWI charge. This is important for any case in DC and in most other states, due to the fact that a prior DUI or DWI charge makes that person eligible for a mandatory minimum level of jail time. This is an extremely important factor to take into consideration when preparing a defense because it raises the stakes especially if someone is facing their third, fourth, or subsequent DUI related charge.

A second important factor that needs to be taken into account is any possible medical conditions that could result in a person falsely appearing to have a higher breath alcohol content, breath alcohol content, or urine alcohol content. For example, dental work could potentially have resulted in higher or elevated mouth alcohol content which could potentially distort the results of the test. An attorney will want to know if this or any other work was done close to the night of the DWI that could have impacted the breath result.

Another important factor to take into account following the first two, are whether a person may have combined alcohol with any other drugs or medications that could impact the blood alcohol content.

Importance of Hiring An Experienced DWI Attorney

In general, D.C. DWI and DUI rules are very different from a lot of other jurisdictions. The procedures in Washington D.C are not even similar to Virginia or Maryland despite their close proximity. As a result, an attorney with a great deal of experience handling D.C. DWIs is invaluable. Just because someone has dealt with DWIs in another states does not mean they know how to deal with DWIs in The District. In DC there is a different prosecutors officer, and different role that judges play within the court system compared to other jurisdictions where the court may have the ability to reduce or dismiss charges or cut agreements with the defense.

Having an attorney familiar with all these unique procedures not only eases the situation for the defendant but also helps raise some of the defenses that someone unfamiliar with Washington D.C. laws and procedures may not be aware of. To discuss your case and begin building a defense, call and schedule a consultation today.

Why Clients Choose Us

Clients choose us because the attorneys at our firm have a lot of experience dealing with these cases, and with law in general. We work very hard on these cases to prepare as thoroughly as possible for each and every case that we have and to try to be as accessible as possible to clients.

It is a traumatic experience to be charged with a crime and it is a new experience for many people. If it is unfortunate enough to happen to someone, they want access to the person who can talk with them and guide them through that process. It’s extremely important for an attorney to be accessible and able to provide answers to questions in as quick a fashion as possible.

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