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Consequences of Having A DUI Arrest

While a DUI arrest can have consequences on a person’s license, driving allowances, and sometimes even their job and security clearances, there are a number of other consequences a DUI arrest may have as well. With this in mind, the following are some of the other serious consequences of being arrested on DUI charges in Washington, DC.

Impact on Insurance

After a person has been arrested for driving under the influence, that person could face consequences to their driving record, such as a license revocation. In the event that a DUI arrest does lead to such consequences, that person’s insurance company could find out often leading to an increase in insurance rates.

Another way an insurance company might also find out about a person’s driving under the influence case if he or she was involved in a traffic accident prior to the arrest. If such an accident resulted in that person’s driving under the influence arrest, then the owners of any other cars involved in the accident could file a claim against the arrestee’s insurance. Such claims would then notify the arrestee’s insurance company of the driving under the influence case.

In every state, there are laws that prevent individuals from providing false information to their insurance companies for the purpose of defrauding their insurance. However, there are no laws that require individuals to inform their insurance companies of a pending DUI case. Still, most insurance policies do require cooperation with investigations as a condition of continued coverage. Given this, a person who has been charged with driving under the influence should speak with their lawyer about possible ways in which any statements they make to an insurance company could impact their DUI case.

Impact on Travel

Typically, there is no requirement that a non-DC resident stay in Washington DC while their DUI case is pending. If a person lives in another state, that person would have the ability to return back to their home state while the case is pending, assuming that person had been released from custody. A person who does not reside within the United States but is arrested in Washington DC would also have the ability to return to their home country while the case is pending, but must be able to return Washington DC for any required court appearances.

How An Attorney Can Help

When a person is arrested for DUI in Washington DC, that person should immediately contact a lawyer to discuss not only the circumstances of their criminal charge but also how that charge could impact their job, insurance, or driver’s license. An experienced lawyer will be aware of the ancillary consequences to a driving under the influence charge and can help that person better understand what requirements he or she may have to fulfill, what notice he or she may need to provide an employer, or what steps he or she may take to minimize any possible insurance consequences.

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