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DC Spousal Abuse Lawyer

In DC, the abuse of one’s spouse is referred to as intimate partner violence. Intimate partner violence is a category of domestic violence and includes any criminal offense committed or threatened to be committed by the accused upon his or her current or former spouse. This includes a person that the accused either is or was married to in the past. This offense is serious and therefore warrants attention from an experienced domestic violence attorney as soon as possible. Our DC spousal abuse lawyers could protect your rights in the court of law and mitigate any penalties you might face.

Accusations of Spousal Abuse

In DC, an act of domestic violence is also referred to as an intra-family offense. Intra-family offenses include violence between intimate partners which can involve current or former spouses. Therefore, acts of spousal abuse are considered to be a type of domestic violence. There is a specific unit in the DC Superior Court called the Domestic Violence Unit that oversees cases where a party may request a civil protection order against their current or former spouse, cases of a violation of a civil protection order, and criminal misdemeanor cases involving violence between current and former spouses.

If a current or former spouse accuses an individual of spousal abuse and reports the allegations to law enforcement, it is possible that they will face criminal charges if the allegations of abuse amount to a criminal offense. Law enforcement would first investigate the allegations, and if probable cause was found to arrest the accused of a criminal offense, the case would be sent to the prosecutor’s office. Our DC lawyers could help you prepare a defense if you have been accused of spousal abuse.

Investigations of Abuse Against a Spouse in DC

The investigation may lead to the accused’s arrest for the criminal offense if law enforcement finds probable cause. If they are arrested, the case will be forwarded to the United States Attorney’s Office for review. The prosecutors of the United States Attorney’s Office will determine whether it will pursue the case and file criminal spousal abuse charges against the defendant. If abuse allegedly committed against their current spouse or former spouse, the case will be considered a domestic violence case.

The prosecutor makes the final decision whether to file a criminal charge based on the allegations and supporting evidence. It is also possible for a former or current spouse to seek protection from the civil court based on allegations of abuse. A civil protection order would be issued by a judge, if the judge found good cause to believe that the respondent committed the criminal offenses alleged in the petition for civil protection order. An attorney in DC could protect someone’s right if they are being investigated for spousal abuse.

Role of a DC Spousal Abuse Attorney

If a person has been accused of committing a criminal offense against their spouse, and another party or witness alerts law enforcement, the accused should expect that there will be an investigation of them and the allegations.

When this takes place, it is important to have the assistance of a DC spousal abuse lawyer as they will be able to explain the possible outcome if there is a pending investigation or if you think that there may be an investigation in the future. The lawyer will also be able to explain what to expect if a person files a petition for a civil protection order against the defendant in civil court.

Even if you are not facing a criminal charge, there are significant repercussions you may face if a judge issues a civil protection order against you. A lawyer is in the best position to make you aware of all possible outcomes and help prepare and defend your case.

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