Washington DC Fraud Lawyer


When facing a fraud charge in Washington, DC, the guidance of a talented and skilled attorney can be invaluable. Here are some basics you must know as you begin your defense. Read David Benowitz answering questions about fraud on the individual level (rather than large companies).

What is Fraud?

Fraud is comprised of actions that are performed with the intent to deceive. Fraud includes any action involving a breach of duty, trust, or confidence resulting in damage to another or by which undue advantage is taken of another. The crime is often understood as being a white collar crime, and comes in many different forms including healthcare fraud, mail and wire fraud, securities fraud, and more. The statutory prohibitions against fraud are codified under Section 22-3221 of the DC Code, available here.

Fraud in the First Degree

In Washington, DC, a person commits the offense of fraud in the first degree if that person engages in a scheme or systematic course of conduct with intent to defraud or obtain another party’s property with a false or fraudulent pretense, representation, or promise, and thereby obtains property of another or causes another to lose property.

Fraud in the Second Degree

The elements of second degree fraud are quite similar to those of first degree fraud. Second degree fraud does not require an actual taking or losing of property. Fraud may also be committed by means of false promise as to future performance that the accused does not intend to perform or knows will not be performed.

If you are facing similar charges in the state of Maryland, Price Benowitz also has skilled Maryland fraud attorneys that can help (and can be contacted here).