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Preparing For a DC Child Enticement Trial

Due to the severity with which child enticement and travel charges are prosecuted in DC court, is it imperative that if you are facing these charges you consult with an attorney and are aware of what to expect as you attempt to navigate the legal system. Below, a DC federal child enticement lawyer discusses what you should be prepared for in a child enticement case, and what hiring an attorney will do to help. To learn more call and schedule a consultation today.

What Should Someone Facing Child Enticement Charges Be Ready For at Trial?

Specifically for child enticement cases, someone should be ready for the case to take a very long time before it actually gets to trial. This is due to the fact that the stakes are extremely high, although the speed can also depend on the jurisdiction. Another thing someone facing child enticement charges should be prepared for is the amount of energy, work, and experience that it takes to litigate these cases successfully, again due to the high stakes of these types of cases.

How Can a Lawyer Help You Prepare For a Child Enticement Trial?

It is incumbent upon any good criminal defense lawyer to prepare their client for a trial particularly in an enticement case.  You need to be prepared to testify.  It takes a long time to prepare someone particularly on this type of case where the material is so sensitive and can potentially prejudice the jurors.  You need to be very, very well prepared to testify.  You also need to be kept up to date and kept the price on the state of the evidence in your case so you know what the best decision is for you whether the best decision is to go to trial or not.  That’s extremely important in these types of cases.

Preparation is these cases is really extensive and that goes for the preparation of the client as well.

What Should A Defendant Know About the Publicity of These Cases Before Trial?

They should expect that if they are arrested on a child enticement case, that there is going to be publicity and that they need to understand that it’s the sad fact of life for these types of cases. There is only so much you can do to try and keep these cases from hitting the press. Often the prosecutor will be publicize them in a press release and there is not a lot that you can do about that.

What Should Someone Facing Enticement Charges Be Ready For Before Going to Court?

Due to the severity of this accusation, the defendant needs to be prepared for the amount of effort and experience that is going to be involving in getting the best possible result. They should also know that there’s often going to be a big fight that is often going to take place to keep you out of jail before trail, while your case is still pending.

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