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DC Federal Child Pornography Investigations 

Attorneys and law enforcement conduct a serious DC federal child pornography investigation. After a person’s arrest, a person should expect a search warrant to be executed at their place of business and potentially their home in an attempt to get access to electronic devices. It is important that a person does not consent to a search without a warrant because sometimes law enforcement agents do not have sufficient probable cause to allow them to search a particular electronic device. An experienced DC child pornography lawyer should assess the situation before any sort of consent is given.

What Does Law Enforcement Look For in a Child Pornography Investigation?

Law enforcement agents look for other evidence of possession of child pornography in a DC federal investigation. They look for evidence of chats with people who are underage. They look for any image that helps corroborate their case.

Interacting with Law Enforcement

When the law enforcement officer has a search warrant, a person should allow the law enforcement agent to execute the search warrant. A person should not try to obstruct that effort. If law enforcement agents do not have a search warrant, a person should not allow them under any circumstance to enter their residence or place of business. A person should politely tell them they are not allowed to come in. If the officer already entered, a person should tell them to leave.

When law enforcement officers have an arrest warrant or a search warrant, they often conduct the search early in the morning to try to disorient people and make them think they do not have an opportunity to get a lawyer. They want to speak to the person because that is often the goal of law enforcement when they execute a search warrant. Under no circumstances should a person speak with law enforcement at any time about the facts of a case. Sometimes what a person might think is not related to a case can be damaging to them. A person should not provide any information beyond their name, date of birth, and Social Security number.

What to Tell Law Enforcement

One tactic used by law enforcement is to say, “If you have nothing to hide, why do you not want to speak to us?” That is simply a strategy they use to try to get people to talk to them.

Law enforcement agents know the most important element is the presence of an attorney. Also, it is important to know that if a law enforcement agent is suspected of wrongdoing, there are special rules that do not allow them to be questioned without the presence of counsel or someone to assist them. They have different rules to play by that protect them, but do not protect the public. In a DC federal child pornography investigation, a person should not talk to law enforcement.

What If Police Asks to Come to the Station?

If a police officer wants someone to come to the station and talk to them, the answer is a polite no. When a police officer has an arrest warrant, a person should cooperate with the police officer and go to the police station to be processed and arrested. If a police officer has an arrest warrant for a person, it is impossible for the person to talk their way out of the arrest. If a police officer says, ” I just want to ask you some questions,” the answer is no.

The next step a person should take is to call a lawyer. There is no disadvantage to calling an attorney. There is no advantage to speaking to law enforcement without an attorney. Only positive things can come from calling a lawyer during DC federal child pornography investigations.

Evidence by Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agents and law enforcement agencies have special forensic tools they can use to monitor online activity. It is relatively easy for law enforcement agents to get this information and it is legal under certain circumstances for them to monitor online activity.

If law enforcement comes to a person’s house, they should remain silent and contact an attorney. Under no circumstances should anyone provide information or participate in an interview with law enforcement.

Role of DC Child Pornography Lawyer in Investigation

A criminal defense attorney plays a crucial role in that type of investigation. An attorney has similar access to information. The attorney has the ability to subpoena documents, identify witnesses, conduct research, and do online searches in an investigation for federal child pornography. It is of critical importance that a person’s lawyer conducts a thorough investigation of the facts when the person is charged with possession or receipt of child pornography. Consult with a professional attorney immediately if you are facing charges.

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DC Federal Child Pornography Investigations 
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