White Collar Crimes Lawyer

For those charged with criminal offenses pertaining to commercial or financial enterprises, a DC white collar lawyer has the specific knowledge to successfully handle your defense. Unlike violent crimes or sex crimes, white collar crimes may seem harmless or victimless to those committing them.


In some cases, a person may not even be aware that their actions are criminal. In other cases, someone accused of a white collar crime may have been acting under the direction of their superiors. Whether you got caught up in something that escalated beyond your control or whether you are falsely accused of corporate wrongdoing, get the best possible defense by hiring a qualified attorney who practices in white collar crime defenses.

White Collar Offenses

White collar crimes are those that pertain to business or commercial dealings and are usually alleged to have been perpetrated for an individual’s financial gain. Crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, and tax evasion are frequently prosecuted in federal court, especially when they allegedly victimize the United States government, as in the case of Medicare fraud or tax fraud.

These federal white collar cases are backed by the investigation of government agencies such as the IRS or the SEC. A DC white collar attorney is experienced at protecting clients during federal investigations and defending them against federal criminal charges. Here is more information on:

Federal Crimes

Those who are indicted by a grand jury and prosecuted for white collar offenses by the United States Attorneys’ Office have a high rate of conviction. Expert prosecution in these cases demands rigorous defense. Experienced DC attorneys handle a full spectrum of white collar criminal cases including:

Regardless of the circumstances of someone’s case, a skilled attorney can carefully evaluate their client’s case to build a defense that will minimize any negative consequences.

Contacting an Attorney

Federal investigations of white collar crimes are thoroughly—and often quietly—conducted. Many people being investigated for financial wrongdoing do not even suspect that they are the subjects of investigation until they are arrested and charged with a federal crime. If you suspect you are being investigated, or if you have already been charged with a federal offense, contact a DC white collar attorney as soon as possible.

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