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Hello, and welcome to the Resource Center for DC criminal defense attorney David Benowitz’s website.

There are many different charges, and many different penalties, that may apply to your case. Therefore, you should schedule a free initial consultation to discuss the full parameters of your case as soon as possible.

In the meantime, feel free to refer to this page a primer on the criminal defense process in Washington, DC and do not hesitate to contact Mr. Benowitz’s DC headquarters.

Claims Handled


Were you charged with assault following a fight with a relative or friend? Or were you trying to protect someone you love and charged with assault on a police officer? The gravity of such charges should never be underestimated and will require the skills of an experienced criminal defense attorney.


Criminal conspiracy is defined as an agreement between two or more individuals to carry out an illegal act. Find out more about these charges, and how Mr. Benowitz can help defend against them, here.

Drug Charges

If you have been charged with a drug-related offense, do not give up hope. A dedicated criminal defense attorney may be able to help.

DUI, DWI, and OWI Charges

DUI charges are common due in large part to DC’s no tolerance stance on drinking and driving. However, there are many avenues that your defense attorney can explore when battling such charges.

ExpungementHello, and welcome to the Resource Center for DC criminal defense attorney David Benowitz’s website.

If you have already sustained a conviction, there are options to clear your record and your name. Our firm is adept at record sealing and expungement. Call today for a free consultation.

Fighting Felony Charges

Federal Crimes

Federal charges are among the most serious and potentially damaging accusations that you can face. You do not want to face off against police and prosecutors alone or with just any defense attorney. You will need the skills of a trial-tested attorney who has demonstrated success fighting a range of serious felonies including, but not limited to:


Fraud offenses are not uncommon, yet there are few attorneys who are adept at handling fraud and other white collar offenses. Dave Benowitz and his team have the experience and skills that you will require in defending against such claims.

Guns, Firearms, and Other Weapons

Gun charges are aggressively pursued in the District of Columbia, and the restrictions on the use of firearms – and resulting penalties – are particularly severe. Contact our DC law offices today for more information on how to defend yourself and your rights.


Conviction of robbery offenses can result in harsh penalties, including years in prison, and make it virtually impossible for you to secure a job or career in a number of professional fields, including defense and finance. Learn more about fighting robbery charges here.

Sex Crimes

The category of sex crimes covers a wide variety of charges, ranging from misdemeanor allegations to serious felony offenses. None should be treated lightly and all require the finesse and dedication of a keen criminal defense attorney in Washington, DC.

Whistleblower Information

Resource CenterLearn about the False Claims Act, qui tam actions, and the underlying process and protections involved with being a whistleblower. The information here is specifically for False Claims Act whistleblowers who provide information demonstrating that a person or entity (e.g., corporation) is defrauding the government. It is a complicated process and there are many considerations prospective whistleblowers may want to address before contacting the government.

Other Jurisdictions Served

In addition to Washington, DC, Mr. Benowitz’s team of attorneys are bar-certified and able to represent clients in the surrounding regions of Maryland (here) and Virginia (here). Check out those pages for more information about criminal defense options in the applicable jurisdictions.

DC Criminal Defense FAQs

Please click here (FAQs) for a list of the most frequently asked questions posed to Mr. Benowitz regarding criminal defense strategy and what a client should look for in their defense attorney. For a no-cost case evaluation, call (202) 529-9374 to schedule a meeting with Mr. Benowitz or one of the lawyers on his team.

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We also have a media center with several informative videos, particularly about the status and accuracy of breathalyzers used in the District of Columbia. Check it out here!

Recent Case Results

Lastly, we provide some limited information about the results of some of our recent cases. Read more here!

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