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Defense Strategies in DC Sex Crime Cases

Being under investigation for, or charged with a criminal offense is often intimidating and frightening. The legal system is often confusing to navigate alone, especially when a person feels pressured to act quickly in order to try to protect their rights.

If you are facing a criminal allegation, it might be beneficial to contact a knowledgeable lawyer to discuss the potential defense strategies in DC sex crime cases. By better understanding the legal avenues available to you, you could discuss how to best proceed with a dedicated and skilled attorney.

What Should a Person do After Being Charged with a Sex Crime?

The first thing a person should do when they are charged with a sex crime in DC is to remain quiet and not talk to anybody—except their attorney—about the case. Often, law enforcement agents approach a person and say, “Well, if you have nothing to hide, you should talk to us,” and that is absolutely the wrong thing to do.

A person should never talk to a law enforcement agency without an attorney present. If their attorney is present, they will advise their client to remain silent at this juncture. Essentially, it cannot hurt to remain silent, but it could be detrimental to speak.

Additionally, it is often essential to get an experienced lawyer on board to represent them as soon as possible. Along with advising them on how to best proceed immediately following a charge, an attorney could also begin to investigate their case as quickly as possible and begin devising any potential defense strategies for a sex crimes case in DC.

How does a Defense Attorney Starts Building a Defense?

The first thing a criminal defense attorney does in a sex offense case is to gather as much information as possible about the government’s allegations. When the attorney understands these allegations, they can begin to investigate them. Often, investigators are hired to gather information, talk to witnesses, take pictures, and draw diagrams of alleged crime scenes.

As the lawyer gathers details about the case, they conduct a fact-intensive analysis while keeping a cursory look of the case. When gathering detailed evidence about one aspect of the case, there might be another aspect that does not change. All of the information and evidence must be taken into account in the intensive investigation.

Throughout the process of gathering this information, the attorney analyzes it to determine the strength of the government’s case and the possible avenues of defense strategies that might be available for a particular sex crime case, while continuously consulting with their client. Essentially, by beginning an investigation, an attorney is already beginning to build a defense.

The Advantages of a Private Law Firm

As a general rule, there is more flexibility in working with a private law firm. Specifically, there may be more assets or resources available on the private side of law firms. Even a well-funded public defender’s office has to make decisions about where resources for experts and resources for investigations are being allocated.

On the private side, however, no prioritization of resources is needed. Unfortunately, some people make too much money to have a public defender represent them, but not enough money to have a fully-funded defense—and that is a dangerous place to be.

What Makes an Attorney Qualified to Build a Defense Strategy in a DC Sex Crime Charge?

I represent people in sex cases because I believe people are sometimes accused when the allegations are exaggerated or fabricated. Sometimes, there are situations where people are over-charged in a case and the government overreaches in what they charge, based on a particular factual situation.

I find these cases to be extremely challenging. Different aspects of the law and forensic evidence influence the results, meaning the defense attorney needs to have experience and be knowledgeable about the law and forensics.

Clients make choices about which attorney to work with in their sex crimes case for a variety of reasons. I try to establish relationships with a deep connection between a lawyer and a client, as well as to be as accessible as possible during each step. All of my clients have my cellphone number and I take calls after hours on a regular basis. I work hard to do the best job possible in these cases and people see that.

If you were charged—or are under investigation for—a sexually-based offense, consider reaching out to a tenacious and committed lawyer for help. A legal professional who is familiar with defense strategies in DC sex crime cases could help to explain your options and rights moving forward.

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