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If you are charged with a violation of the Federal Criminal Code, you face a difficult legal battle best handled by an experienced federal criminal lawyer. Conviction of a federal offense generally carries steeper consequences than the same charge would net if lodged in state court.

Furthermore, conviction rates are high for defendants charged in federal court because the prosecution is backed by thorough investigation by specialized government agencies.

However, a conviction is never a foregone conclusion, even when facing federal criminal charges. For a strong defense, contact a skilled DC federal criminal lawyer as soon as possible for a free consultation.


Experienced Federal Criminal Attorney

federal criminal defense lawyer david benowitzIf you need criminal defense against federal charges, calling an attorney should be a top priority. David Benowitz has the knowledge and experience to successfully handle your case. Top-rated by both the Martindale Hubbell and AVVO professional rating systems, David Benowitz is respected by clients and peers as a skillful and well-qualified criminal defense lawyer. He is no stranger to difficult cases and is not intimidated by taking on powerful government agencies including:

  • Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF)

If you are the subject of a federal pre-arrrest investigation, post arrest investigation or if you have been charged in federal court, contact attorney David Benowitz for an evaluation of your case.

Cases Represented by Federal Criminal Lawyers

Any criminal violation of the Federal Criminal Code could be tried in federal court rather than in state or local courts. Certain high-profile crimes and crimes against government agencies are more frequently prosecuted federally. David Benowitz will aggressively and confidently defend clients accused of federal crimes such as:

If you are under investigation for one of these or any other federal crime, it is important that you protect your rights and your livelihood by hiring an attorney equipped to handle your defense.

Quality Defense from a DC Federal Criminal Attorney

Mr. Benowitz has spent countless hours evaluating the law and appearing in federal court. David Benowitz and his colleagues are well prepared to handle even the most challenging federal criminal cases and have a wealth of experience with federal sentencing guidelines and federal sentencing in general.

Whether you are the subject of a federal investigation or whether you have been summoned to appear before a Grand Jury, the federal criminal attorneys with our law firm are ready to represent your legal interests. Visit the following page to read about federal court and the importance of retaining an attorney experienced in federal cases, as discussed by David Benowitz.

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When you are being investigated by a federal agency or when you have been charged with a federal offense, time is critical in building and maintaining a strong defense. Call David Benowitz today for a free evaluation of your case and so that he may begin a defense side investigation of his own. To schedule your consultation, call (202) 529-9374.

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Title: Mr. Benowitz Represented Me in a Federal Case

Mr. Benowitz represented me in a federal case and provided outstanding legal advice and guidance. He ensured I was informed about the process, my options, and took the time to answer all of my questions. He will fight for you, your best interest, and allow you time to consider your options. I feel confident that I received the best legal representation available at a very fair and reasonable fee.

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