Benefits of a DC Drug Attorney

There are several benefits to contacting an attorney when under investigation or under arrest for a drug-related offense. If you have been arrested for possession of a controlled substance or another drug charge, reach out to an experienced drug lawyer as soon as possible. After reviewing your case, a lawyer fight for your rights and build a strong defense. Call today to learn more about the benefits of a DC drug attorney.

Dealing with Law Enforcement

One of the most significant benefits of a DC drug attorney is that they act as a buffer between a defendant and law enforcement. A defendant should not make statements to law enforcement when they are arrested, as much as they may want to. Making statements to police is an opportunity for someone to incriminate themselves. Fortunately, a lawyer could protect the defendant from pressure by law enforcement to make harmful statements of admission or guilt.

There are different rules of engagement between law enforcement agents and lawyers, rules which act as an essential layer of protection for a defendant. It is vital to hire an attorney early on in the investigation process. When a defendant obtains a lawyer, the attorney can begin investigating the facts and circumstances related to the case before witnesses forget things, before the scene of the arrest changes, and before documents or other evidence disappears.

Mitigated Penalties and Sentencing in DC Drug Cases

In a drug case, the attorney first investigates the facts of the case to identify possible issues. For example, there could be constitutional issues related to the search and seizure of the drugs in question, or there may be constitutional issues pertaining to statements the defendant made after their arrest.

With a first time alleged drug offense, options are sometimes available that could lead to diversion. With a diversion, any record of the arrest or further proceedings is removed from the individual’s record at a certain point after they have completed the related penalties.

There could also be issues related to the quantity of the alleged drugs used that may lead to a felony, like possession with intent to distribute, being reduced to a misdemeanor. Under some circumstances, there could be an opportunity to negotiate the charge down to a misdemeanor possession charge and mitigate the potential sentence.

Avoid Handling a Case Without a Lawyer

A person should rarely handle a drug case themselves. Even lawyers hire another lawyer to represent them in some cases. An attorney can do a more thorough investigation of the case because they do not have the inherent blinders a person charged with an offense has.

An experienced lawyer draws on their knowledge obtained over the years from previous cases. There are very few situations that are new to a seasoned lawyer. An attorney may also have experience in the particular courthouse and know how to get things done in a way that is more efficient than someone who does not have that experience.

What To Share With an Attorney

At the first meeting with a defendant, the lawyer looks for as much information as possible about what the individual believes occurred. Based on the lawyer’s investigation and the initial interview with the person, they may conduct further exploration into the specifics of the case.

The defendant should bring any documents they received to the initial meeting with the lawyer. They should also be prepared to discuss everything related to the case. From there, the lawyer may generate action items to explore the charges further.

Call to Learn More About the Benefits of a DC Drug Lawyer

It is crucial for a person facing drug charges in DC to contact an experienced lawyer as quickly as possible. The sooner an attorney is reached, the sooner they could begin working on the defendant’s case. To learn more about the benefits of a DC drug attorney, call today.