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Benefits of a DC Securities Fraud Attorney

Securities fraud charges carry significant penalties and long-term consequences. If convicted, you could face jail time and also have trouble securing employment in the future. Therefore, it is crucial to seek the services of an experienced securities fraud lawyer. Read below to learn more about the benefits of a DC securities fraud attorney.

Evidence in Securities Fraud Cases

In a securities fraud investigation, investigative agencies will seek trading records, emails, text messages, phone records, witness testimony, corroborating witness testimony, and sometimes informant testimony. The investigative technique in securities fraud cases has come to resemble a lot of the investigative techniques used in other non-white collar criminal cases.

For example, the use of corroborating witnesses has drastically increased, as well as the investigation of social media accounts and electronic communication. Fortunately, one of the benefits of a DC securities fraud attorney is that they could conduct their investigation of their own. The defense investigation could be crucial to building a strong argument against the prosecution’s case.

Proving Security Fraud Charges

In security fraud cases, the subject of the alleged fraud must be shown to be a security, which has a specific definition. Depending on the type of fraud that is alleged, the elements can differ. Fraudulent conduct must be involved, so there is a misrepresentation that there was some sort of falsity involved either in the marketing, sale, or representation of data regarding security. The prosecution must prove these elements beyond a reasonable doubt to secure a conviction.

Security Fraud Penalties

If someone is found guilty following a trial in a securities fraud case, they are facing jail time and expensive penalties. The key factors of sentencing in securities fraud cases are the role that the defendant played and the amount of money involved.

Typically, if a person has government clearance and they are charged with securities fraud, that can adversely affect their clearances. Their clearance can be suspended pending the outcome of the case. Depending on what happens, they could have their security clearance revoked. Those are the main issues that occur with security clearance charges in general.

If a person is convicted of a securities fraud, they will almost certainly lose their license to sell security, if they have a license. It is impossible to regain that license. In a criminal case involving security fraud, there is a ban on participating in the industry for a certain amount of time.

Call to Learn More About the Benefits of a DC Securities Fraud Attorney

Security fraud cases are complex and often involve a parallel investigation. When someone is facing charges, they should get in touch with an accomplished lawyer as soon as possible. There are many benefits of a DC securities fraud attorney. A lawyer could help you build a strong defense and advocate for you throughout the legal process. A dedicated attorney could help you understand your charges and what your legal options are. Obtaining a skilled lawyer could help you reach a favorable outcome in your case. Call today and set up a consultation.

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