Washington DC Robbery Lawyer

When facing a robbery charge in the District of Columbia, a Washington, DC robbery lawyer can help you navigate what can be a complicated and harsh criminal justice system. We have further information about DC robbery laws here. Robbery is distinct from theft, which is discussed here.

What is Robbery?

In Washington, DC, a person commits robbery if, in the course of taking the property of another from his or her person or immediate presence, the individual uses force or violence with the intent to cause the surrender of the property or to prevent resistance. The intent to take the property must have existed either before or during the commission of the act of force or violence.

Robbery Penalties in DC

Robbery in Washington DC carries a potential prison sentence of between two and 15 years. Attempted robbery carries a potential sentence of up to three years in prison.

There is a substantial penalty for committing a robbery while armed with or having readily available any firearm or other dangerous or deadly weapon, including a sawed-off shotgun, shotgun, machine gun, rifle, dirk, bowie knife, butcher knife, switchblade knife, razor, blackjack, billy, or metallic false knuckles.

The theft must be by way of violence, intimidation, putting the person in fear, force, or the threat of bodily harm to any person. There is a mandatory five-year prison term for armed robbery committed with an operable firearm.

For a greater explanation of these laws, please refer to the District of Columbia Official Code, here