DC Warrant Lawyer

If there is a warrant for your arrest in Washington, DC, you are likely concerned about the impact your arrest will have on your future. Worrying about the problem will not solve it, and procrastinating may only compound your legal troubles. If you have an open arrest warrant or bench warrant in Washington, DC, contact an experienced DC criminal lawyer to discuss and understand your best options for proactively dealing with the outstanding warrant.

DC Bench Warrants

A Washington, DC bench warrant is issued by a judge for violation of court orders or missing court dates. A bench warrant means that you can be arrested and brought before a judge who will decide whether to continue your incarceration. DC bench warrants are typically issued for failure to comply with court orders, such as:

    • Missing a court date, or failure to appear
    • Failure to pay a traffic fine
    • Not complying with probation terms
    • Not complying with bail terms
    • Failure to pay a civil judgment, such as child support

Sometimes, in the case of DC bench warrants, a person may not even know there is a warrant for his or her arrest until he or she is pulled over for a minor traffic violation and ends up in handcuffs. If you have been arrested on a DC bench warrant, or if you are concerned that there may be a bench warrant against you for your failure to comply with court orders, consult a skilled DC criminal attorney to find out how to resolve your situation.

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DC Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant in Washington, DC is a warrant commanding law enforcement to arrest an individual suspected of committing a crime.  If there is an arrest warrant pending against you, do not try to avoid the situation by hiding or running from police. Attempts to evade arrest usually only multiply and compound your problems. Work with a DC criminal lawyer to take a proactive approach to dealing with your arrest and the legal process involved. Your DC criminal attorney can help you cooperate with authorities while maintaining and protecting your rights as you prepare for your defense.

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