Washington, DC Expungement Lawyer

In Washington, DC, there are options available to potentially have your criminal record expunged. Our attorneys can assist you in understanding the expungement process as well as determining your eligibility for having your record sealed.

In DC, expungement involves sealing one's record from the public.If you have committed a felony or misdemeanor in which the victim was under the age of 18, expunging your arrest is probably not feasible.  If your charge was dismissed or “No Papered” by the government, or if you received a “Noelle Prosequi” disposition, felony charges might be eligible for expungement.  If you have been convicted of certain misdemeanors and completed your probation without any incidents, you can usually successfully expunge your arrest after a waiting period that varies depending on your exact charge.  It is important to note that there are also select misdemeanors that are ineligible for expungement, including a DUI/DWI or a sex offense.

Having your record expunged with the help of our DC expungement lawyers will prevent you from suffering the many possible disadvantages and negative consequences that can arise from having a criminal record. We can provide you with a strong and experienced expungement attorney to assist you in the process and ensure that you receive fair treatment by the judicial system in expunging your arrest.

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